About amoeba
@First of all, we would like to extend our gratitude to our customers who have continued
to support Amoeba products.
At Amoeba Bicycle, we are in the business of merely making bicycle parts. More than
that, we are committed to creating the best bicylce parts, components and accessories
ever to exist on the planet It is not only we have the best engineers and technicians.
team but also we use the latest manufacturing technology. We take pride in what we do.
We believe in excellence and quality. We believe in maintaining a high standard. We
believe that every single item our factory should make life easier and more fun for
@To be the best requires having a different perspective willingness to do things
differently, to take risks, to try new stuff and make it better, maybe it is because of our
near obsesive attention to quality and innovation that made Amoeba parts famous
worldwide. Today we success to present you our 2009 new products in virtue of our rich
experiences in creating and manufacturing bike parts, components and accessories and
assure you that it is worthy to use our products on your bike.
@Every year, we strive to reach new goals. Our commitment to cyclists around the
world has remained unchanged and will continue to guide everything we do to build the
tough, reliable and highly functional bicycle products, Maybe it is not the easiest way,
but at Amoeba Bicycle, we see things differently; we do things differently; and we are
mighty proud of it.
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