SCUD=racing components designed with the best materials
Simply put, Amoeba¡¦s SCUD components outperform virtually everything on the market. PERIOD.
Setting the industry¡¦s ¡§benchmark¡¨,these parts are the ultimate in smooth operating, mountain
bicycle racing components.These are a quantum step forward toward a level of perfection that is sure to put the MTB
industry on notice.Amoeba¡¦s excellent R&D team has re-engineered these components from ¡§ the ground up¡¨using the
finest materials (including carbon fiber, chro-moly, and various alloys and the some of the closest precision machining tolerances in teh industry. All to offer the ultimate balance of lightweight, durability and consistently acceptable function is
this year component ensemble. These SCUD components represent the best that Amoeba has to offer. If you are serious
about competition and serious about wining, then there is no other choice!
VITRA=competition components designed for the racer and fast amateur
There has never been a better value in a line of parts than Amoeba¡¦s new VITRA components for
this year. Vitra offers smooth, relibale and trouble-free features. Our goal is to create the ideal
¡§interface¡¨ between you (the rider) and the bicycle. For performance-obsessed cyclists, the standard of function and
leading design is now obtainbale. Vitra stands to the rigors and punishment of off-road use while delivering leading edge
function to help you ride your best.
BORLA=sport components designed for entry level riders
These are Amoeba¡¦s ¡§value added-biggest bang for the buck¡¨ components. If you could ride the
lightest, most comfortable, reliable and trouble-free components at a level you feel comfortable
with, would you use these? SURE! Borla components deliver a great combination if sytle and quick response to create a
smooth trend-setting, quality recreational mountain bike. So of you are riding in the city, pedaling down a favorite trail or
blasting cross-country, borla components
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